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ELL Front

ELL Front is for those who care about home decor and prefer to choose the colour of their heat pump themselves. Front offers high performance and effectively circulates air in the room, providing both heating and cooling functions.

Not your average heat pump

The fabric fronts add an aesthetic and fresh expression, bringing a new and unconventional dimension to your heat pump. The Lamina textile features a modern and remarkable graphic grid structure that harmonises beautifully with a subtle heathered effect.

The collaboration with Gabriel emphasises the vision of creating a completely new look for heat pumps. Gabriel provides high-quality, design-oriented and sustainable textiles with a focus on recycling. And the fabric fronts are not only beautiful – they also contribute to absorbing sound and creating pleasant acoustics in both busy office environments and private homes.

We care about the climate

Gabriel's Lamina textile is designed with the environment in mind. It is made of 100% polyester, making it a monomaterial. In combination with the innovative Monoback material, also made of 100% polyester, the unique single-fibre construction results in a combination that is 100% recyclable.

ELL Outdoor

ELL Front comes with the outdoor unit, ELL Outdoor. It is designed to collect and harness energy from the surroundings, such as the air or the ground, to generate efficient and reliable cooling and heating for homes and other buildings, regardless of the season or weather conditions.

With its streamlined design, advanced technology and high energy efficiency, ELL Outdoor delivers optimal performance in an elegant manner while helping to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

Customise your heat pump

ELL Front is much more than just an efficient heat pump that ensures a good indoor climate. It is a prominent part of the interior design with its modern and minimalist expression. Choose from three exclusive colours for the base and a wide range of timeless yet modern shades for the fabric front, making your heat pump truly your own. Explore and select colour combinations below.

14.999,00 kr.

ELL Front is for those who want aesthetics without compromising functionality. Choose between the colours DARK, SILVER and GOLDEN for the base and explore the many exclusive colours available for the fabric front, which can be changed as needed.




ELL Front ensures a fantastic indoor climate, regardless of whether it’s freezing cold or scorching hot. With intelligent control, easy installation and noise reduction technology, you get a user-friendly product that is highly efficient when it comes to heating and cooling.

However, ELL Front is much more than just a practical item in the home that ensures a comfortable indoor climate. It is a significant addition to the interior design, offering an elegant and minimalist way to merge aesthetics and functionality. With a wide range of modern and timeless colours available for both the base and front panel, the heat pump can be customised and given a new look again and again. Keep cool. Stay warm. Change cover.

An ELL Outdoor unit is included in all ELL heat pumps. It is a crucial component of our modern heating system, ensuring efficient utilisation of energy from the outdoor surroundings while providing significant energy savings compared to traditional heating systems.

ELL Outdoor features all-weather operation, functioning effectively in both extremely high and low temperatures. It is therefore well-suited for the Nordic climate, capable of operating in freezing temperatures as low as -25°C without compromising performance. The outdoor unit is designed in an elegant dark colour, seamlessly blending into the outdoor surroundings and offering a sleek appearance. Its robust construction ensures longevity, resilience and reliability.

You will receive a 5-year warranty on your ELL products, when you register here.

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