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ELL Tall

The ELL Tall heat pump distributes air around the room with its vertical design. Tall is easy to place in a corner of the room, avoiding the need for fixed mounting. It's quite unique that it can be placed anywhere, and the design is truly special.

A world of possibilities

You have countless options for placing the ELL Tall heat pump with its streamlined and slim design. Combined with Tall's modest size and noise reduction technology, it is highly suitable for office environments, where you don't want a heat pump that is visually or audibly disruptive.

Breathe in fresh air

ELL Outdoor

ELL Tall comes with the outdoor unit, ELL Outdoor, designed to capture and utilize energy from the surroundings, such as the air or the ground, to provide efficient and reliable cooling and heating for homes and other buildings, regardless of the season and weather conditions.

With its streamlined design, advanced technology, and high energy efficiency, ELL Outdoor delivers optimal performance in an elegant manner and contributes to reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

24.999,00 kr.

The ELL Tall heat pump can both heat and cool and is suitable for everything from private homes to office environments. It features a flexible design and easy operation via Wi-Fi.




Experience a new generation of indoor climate with ELL Tall, which can both cool and heat as needed. The heat pump is equipped with noise reduction technology, intelligent remote control, and easy installation.

ELL Tall comes in an elegant, slim, and vertical design, making it well-suited for office environments or private homes where space optimization is important. The heat pump efficiently distributes air around the room, and there is great flexibility in terms of placement, such as in a corner where it doesn’t take up too much space. Tall is designed with a clear front display that shows the current room temperature.

Each ELL heat pump comes with an ELL Outdoor outdoor unit, a crucial component of our modern heating system, ensuring efficient energy utilization from the outdoor environment and significant energy savings compared to traditional heating systems.

ELL Outdoor has all-weather functionality, working well in extremely high and low temperatures – making it highly suitable for the Nordic climate, even in freezing temperatures down to -25° Celsius, without affecting its performance. The outdoor unit is designed in an elegant dark color, blending nicely into outdoor surroundings and providing a sleek appearance. Its sturdy construction ensures long life, durability, and reliability.

You receive a 5-year warranty on your ELL products when you register here.


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