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Good climate with good looks

ELL is the new Nordic brand representing the next generation of indoor climate.

Have a stylish climate

As something new, ELL air conditioners, heat pumps, and dehumidifiers will harmonize with the rest of the home's design and interior, rather than just being something to be hidden away.


Discover how your indoor climate can be both beautiful and excellent with the new ELL Front heat pump. Front boasts powerful performance that complements most homes and a design that catches the eye. Heats and cools.

ELL Front


The new ELL Tall takes the heat pump to a whole new level. Here, the air not only becomes fresher and healthier, but it is also wrapped in a design that looks luxurious and delivers optimal performance.

ELL Tall


Your indoor climate will never be the same again with the Solid heat pump that efficiently heats or cools the room from the ground up. Solid not only has a beautiful design but also a practical one that makes it easy to place in most homes.

ELL Solid

Quality and functionality wrapped in an elegant package.

ELL introduces innovation in climate products that challenges the conventional offerings in the market. We believe that a healthier indoor climate, fresh air, and a well-tempered environment can be elegantly packaged in a design that complements the overall interior.

High tech design

The design and technology are crafted with a focus on the best features and quality at a price that won't break the bank. It's not just about looking good - the quality is developed with performance, smart remote-operable features, and energy savings as the focal points.

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