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Breeze Dual

ELL Breeze Dual effectively and comfortably cools, creating a chilled indoor climate on hot days. It is suitable for living rooms and bedrooms as well as restaurants and offices.

With a simple design in an elegant anthracite grey colour and a discreet and modern leather strap, the fan is an aesthetic addition to any room.

Customise your indoor climate

With the option to adjust the ELL Breeze Dual at two different heights of 55 cm and 95 cm, you get a flexible fan that can be customised according to your needs. The pole can be easily and quickly replaced, allowing you to effortlessly switch between a floor fan and a table fan.

The 2-in-1 fan can be placed and moved as you prefer, and the combination of vertical and horizontal oscillations ensures an impressive cooling effect.

Less noise – more comfort

ELL Breeze Dual comes with noise-reducing technology, making the noise level extremely pleasant. With eight different speed settings, Breeze Dual can provide anything from a gentle breeze to powerful cooling for both large and small spaces – all without making noise.

The fan is easily operated with a remote control or app, allowing you to operate it from wherever you are.

1.299,00 kr.

ELL Breeze Dual is an efficient and powerful pedestal fan that can switch between two different heights. Suitable for both private homes and restaurants, offices, etc.




ELL Breeze Dual is an effective pedestal fan with two height settings, ensuring a comfortable and cool indoor climate. It is also an elegant addition to the decor with its anthracite grey colour and a stylish leather strap, giving it a modern look and making it easy to move. The fan is versatile in both large and small spaces and is suitable for both private and commercial use.

ELL Breeze Dual comes with a range of smart features including adjustable height, 8 different speed settings, an 8-hour timer function, automatic horizontal and vertical oscillations, removable front for easy cleaning, display, remote control, and noise-reducing technology. Operation via app.

ELL provides a 5-year warranty.


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